De Bary, Cécile

Dr. Cécile De Bary is Associate Professor in the Department of Literature, Arts and Cinema, at the Université Paris Diderot (Paris VII). She has published numerous articles on Oulipo, Georges Perec, Raymond Queneau and contemporary French literature. She is member of the editorial board of Cahiers Georges Perec.

Une Nouvelle Pratique Littéraire En France: Histoire Du Groupe Oulipo De 1960 À Nos Jours Creating a New French Literary Style: A History of the Oulipo Circle
2014 1-4955-0270-8
The Oulipo’s evolution towards the status of a literary group was gradual. Constraints were key to defining specific collaborative practices. They put language and literature into play. They are based on intertextuality and therefore on erudition. Oulipian literature is open to all forms of written expression, whether literary or not.

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