Blair, Carroll

Carroll Blair is also the author of a book of aphorisms titled Grains of Thought. He attended the Boston Conservatory, receiving a B.Mus. in Composition. The current focus of his work is poetry and philosophy.

Facing the Circle
1999 0-7734-3094-6
Addresses the circle in which man and all of life exists in a variety of expressions, exploring what man is, what he does; the absurdity of much of his ambitions and what he values in light of this circle. . . his illusions of progress and self-importance

Price: $99.95

Reel to Real
1999 0-7734-3111-X
A work that moves back and froth from the abstract to the direct, expressing images and impressions from the world of an individual imagination to the world that is shared by all, the two sometimes meeting in the same poem.

Price: $39.95