Maine, Carolyn

About the poet: Born in Maritime Canada, Carolyn Maine’s early immersion in nature and the Romantic Poets engendered a desire to develop her own poetic skills. After years as a paralegal and adult student, working on her Master of Arts in Liberal Studies at Wesleyan University “brought her into her creative self.” Her love of the seacoast and the history of ordinary people have synthesized into her first book of poetry.

Candlewood and Codfish Bones
2004 0-7734-3574-3
Fascinating are the tales of the bravery and heartiness of the women of Old Cape Cod. Many were descendants of the original pilgrims, but much courage was still required of women, usually very young, who dared set out on a sea journey from the old country to the new, whether persons of means or indentured servants; and once there, to live much of the time with their men away at sea, perhaps never to return. These poems try to recreate the daily struggles and hardships of these women, but also their joys and levity, in such a manner as may have been expressed in 18th century New England.

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