Gleadow, Carmen

About the author: Dr. Carmen Gleadow was born and educated in Spain. For more than 20 years she has also lived in England, where she received an MSc in Political Science and Sociology and a Doctorate on the History of the Jury in Modern Spain. Her research interests are in the field of fundamental rights and freedoms. In addition to over 8 years at King’s College London as a Departmental Administrator, Dr. Gleadow also held a 3-year appointment as a part-time lecturer in Modern Languages.

History of Trial by Jury in the Spanish Legal System
2000 0-7734-7911-2
Traces the emergence of the jury in 19th century Spain and its establishment and disappearances throughout 190 years of Spanish history. The work is inter-disciplinary, placing the successive Spanish jury laws within a general political and social context. It includes previously-unexplored material on the origins of the échevinat; it addresses issues not confronted by Spanish or other jurists, and it questions received wisdom.

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