Kline, Benjamin

About the author: Benjamin Kline received his PhD from University College Cork, Ireland. He currently teaches at San Jose State University. The author of many articles, his previous books include Imperialism and its Legacy (University Press of America) and Genesis of Apartheid: British African Policy in the Colony of Natal 1845-93 (University Press of America) among others.

Profit, Principle and Apartheid, 1948-1994. The Conflict of Economic and Moral Issues in United States- South African Relations
1997 0-7734-8606-2
This study is a chronological history of the moral and economic factors which have influenced United States-South African relations since 1948, accessible to students, academics and the general readers. The chapters are primarily divided according to US presidential terms to show how each administration has dealt with the problems of supporting business interests while denouncing South Africa's racial policies. Included are the basic debates over divestment, international criticism, and the development of apartheid. It can also be used for US history, political science, and African history classes.

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