Keaveney, Arthur Peter

About the author: Arthur Keaveney is a graduate of University College Galway and Hull University. He is currently a senior lecturer in Classics in the University of Kent at Canterbury. Aside from a number of articles, he has published four books: Sulla the Last Republican (1983), Rome and the Unification of Italy (1987), Lucullus: A Life (1992) and (with John Madden) Sir William Herbert: Croftus Sive De Hibernia Liber.

Life and Journey of Athenian Statesman Themistocles (524-460 B.c.?) as a Refugee in Persia
2003 0-7734-6809-9
In ancient Greece, Themistocles was universally acknowledged as the architecture of the Greek victory in the great Persian invasion. Some years later, political opinion turned against him in Athens and he was obliged to flee into exile and eventually wound up in the court of the king of Persia. This book examines the quite considerable body of evidence which survives about Themistocles’ journey and his life as a refugee in Persia, in order to disentangle fact from the abundant fiction.

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