Protopapas, Argyros

Dr. Argyros Protopapas has studied and taught English at the Universities of Athens and Southampton U.K. A teacher of English by profession, Dr. Protopapas has been working over the last few decades on P. B. Shelley’s epistemology and he is currently a University tutor at the English Dept. of the University of Athens.

Percy Bysshe Shelley's Poetic Science: His Visionary Enterprise and the Crisis of Self-Consciousness
2012 0-7734-3060-1
An epistemologically oriented analysis of Shelley’s verse explores the poet’s visionary enterprise and the emergence of the Shelleyan self. Shelley, once a candidate to become a physician, gave scientifically sound descriptions of the workings of the eyes and nervous system.

The author, after surveying the literature, gives descriptions of Shelley’s psychological and physiological features recorded by the poet himself. The operations of the poet’s eyesight are seen to be linked to his imagery and use of language.

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