Chapman, Anne P.

Dr. Anne Chapman is a senior lecturer in the Graduate School of Education at The University of Western Australia, where she teaches in the areas of mathematics education and educational research methods. She has extensive experience in professional development in literacy and numeracy for secondary school teachers. She has published widely on issues of language and mathematics learning.

Australian Universities Delivering Educational Programs in Other Countries: A Study of Off-Shore Higher Education
2012 0-7734-4072-0
With colleges building branch campuses, transnational education has become a new trend, not only in Australia, but throughout the world. Focusing on the way colleges have accepted a global approach to their educational process, this book looks at Australian educational programs that try to capture a growing market in Asia. It shows the intricacies of working at an offshore campus against the backdrop of an expanding transnational education in a globalizing world.

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2002 0-7734-6967-2
With a view to contributing to understanding the nature and role of language in mathematics education, this book examines spoken language practices. The book demonstrates that learning mathematics is very much a matter of learning to speak ‘properly.’ There is a pervasive and continual requirement, often hidden in everyday classroom practices, to shift towards increasingly mathematical language. The outcomes of the research reported here affirm the value of viewing language and mathematics learning from a social semiotic perspective and help further our understandings about the construction of a social semiotic theory of classroom education, both in school mathematics and across the curriculum.

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