Theophile - LaFond, Anestine

Dr. Anestine Theophile-LaFond has been a media practitioner, known for her contributions to the liberalization of telecommunications in the Eastern Caribbean. She served with distinction in the management of the Marpin Telecoms and Broadcasting Co. Ltd in Dominica for ten years as Manager of Marketing, Publicity & Customer Service and as Director of programming and production.
Dr. Theophile-LaFond is an independent consultant who maintains research focus on communication flow, telecommunications policy, media management and production. A Fullbright Scholar, she holds a Ph.D. in mass Communication and media Studies from Howard University. Dr. Theophile – LaFond is a Full Professor in the Communication Studies Department at Montgomery College, Maryland, United States.

Telecommunications in the Eastern Caribbean: Policits, Policy, and Reform
2015 1-4955-0326-7
This work seeks to add a perspective to the telecommunications discussion through the study of five poor, small islands in the Caribbean chain. The book contributes to needed research about economic globalization with specific focus on the telecommunication liberalization process in the Eastern Caribbean and the role of government and other major stakeholders. It is a well-researched, well referenced text suitable for scholars, practitioners, researchers and consultants alike.

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