Moine, André G.

Dr. Moine was born and educated in France. In the United States, he taught French in Virginia and obtained an M.A. in French Language and Civilization from New York University. He then completed a M.A. (Linguistics) at the University of California, Davis before he obtained a Ph.D. (French) also from U.C., Davis. Dr. Moine is now an Assistant Professor at Millersville University of Pennsylvania and teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in French language, linguistics and culture.

Role of Discourse Markers in the Structuring of Discourse: A Study of the Use of the Word alors in the French Language
2005 0-7734-6203-1
Discourse markers are the word insertions that people engage to provide continuity in conversations. Examples of discourse markers in English would include “like”, “you know”, “and” and “uh”. This study examines the use of the discourse marker “alors” in the French language.

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