Hidalgo de Jesus, Amarilis

Dr. Hidalgo de Jesus is Full Professor of Spanish at Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania. She received her Ph.D in Spanish/Latin American Literature at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

La Escritura De Mujeres En Puerto Rico a Finales Del Siglo XX Y Principios Del Siglo XXI
2012 0-7734-2613-9
The aim of the critical anthology La escritura de mujeres en Puerto Rico a fianles del Siglo XX y principios del XX!: Narradoras, cuentistas, cronistas, relatoras/Essays on Contemporaray Puerto Rican Writers is to discuss and expose the writings of Puerto Rican women writers within the context of the 20th century and 21st century literature of Puerto Rico and Latin America. The methodology applied by scholars to each author’s writing/s is eclectic. Each scholar has utilized different theoretical approaches within the frame of distinct women literary voices. The anthology counts with a variety of writing and literary styles that set apart from traditional literary writings. Essays, chronics, short stories, novels, and other narrative genres are represented. Each author has also explored in their writings different topics that range from social problems, history, women place in society, negritud (Black African culture), autobiography, and costume sketches, among other themes.

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