Kopach, Aleh I.

Dr. Aleh I. Kopach is an Associate Professor in the General Sciences Department of the College of Humanities at Belarusian State University in Minsk, Belarus. Dr. Kopach holds a Ph.D. in the Theory of Language from the Philological College of Belarusian State University, Minsk.

Contrasting American and Belarusian Place Names: A Cognitive-Onomasiological Approach (with Special Interest in the Names of Swamps)
2011 0-7734-1486-X
This monograph on naming the geographical objects of Belarus and the United States by means of proper names is the result of a theoretical and comparative investigation of toponyms. The conception of cognitive-onomasiological study of the names of microobjects is presented in the study. The conception is approved and verified on a rich empirical material (no less than 10,000 names for each region).

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