Amin, Agha

Agha H. Amin was educated at Cantt Public School Quetta, Station School and Saint Mary’s Academy School Lalazar Rawalpindi and at Forman Christian College Lahore, Pakistan. Joined the Pakistani military Academy on 3rd May 1981 and was commissioned in the old P.A.V.O. IlCalvary (Frontier Force) on 17 March 1983. He served in five annoured regiments, commanded an independent armoured squadron and also served in Armoured Brigade Headquarters and at the Tactical Wing of the School of Armour Nowshera as an instructor and staff officer. He retired from the army in March 1994 and is a free lance journalist and war correspondent.

He is author of three tactical papers written while in service, and “The Pakistan Army Till 1965”. The “Tactical Handling of Recce Troop written by the author in May 1986 was successfully put to trial during Exercise Zarb I Momin in November-December 1989. The editor of the Command and Staff College Quetta seconded his recommendations regarding changes in command and control of holding and striking corps and establishment of two army headquarters.

The author has advised a number of international think tanks on low intensity conflict issues and is an active member of a number of historical societies. In addition, a large number of his articles have been published in the Pakistan Army Journal, in the Citadel Command and Staff College Quetta, and in the Defence Journal of Karachi.

Development of Taliban Factions in Afghanistan and Pakistan: A Geographical Account, February 2010
2010 0-7734-3725-8
This work pieces together an understanding of the Afghanistan War, primarily through the principle author’s knowledge and writings, secondarily through relevant books and articles by other authors. The goal is to provide a “primer” that individuals with little understanding of this region can use to educate themselves on the real issues of the War, issues that are rarely spoken about in the filtered politicized Western media. This book will be of value to young soldiers or diplomats being deployed for the first time to this region of the world.

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