Jawad, Abdul Sattar

Dr. Abdul Sattar Jawad received his Ph.D. from London’s City University in England. He is currently a visiting professor in Asian & Middle Eastern Studies at Duke University and Adjunct Professor of Comparative Literature at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

T. S. Eliot in Baghdad: A Study in Eliot's Influence on the Iraqi and Arab Free Verse Movement
2014 0-7734-0074-5
The book sheds new light on the revolutionary influence of Eliot’s poetry on the free verse movement in Iraq and Lebanon, especially on the mythical poets: Al-Sayyab, Jabra Ibrahim Jabra, Yusuf Al-Khal, Khalil Hawi and Adonis known as the Tammuzi Poets. The writer is one of Eliot’s best translators and who personally knew all five of the modern mythical poets.

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