Griakalov, A.

The fifth and final chapter is a eulogy to the phenomenon of the aesthetic and the sublime, to a perception of aesthetic experience concentrating on works of art. Rounding off his book, Griakalov paraphrases Kant in stating that “literature with its concept of the sublime emerges as an effort of ultimate intensity, capable of unifying (embracing) everything. This theme of transcendence in relation to the classical theme of the sublime emerges as one of the most significant in late twentieth-century aesthetics.” About the author: Alexei Griakalov is a leading Russian philosopher, a corresponding member of the International Academy of Sciences, acting member of the Russian Academy of Humanitarian Sciences, and author of several publications and monographs on aesthetics, literature, and the philosophy of culture. In Russian

Aesthesis and Logos
2001 0-7734-3159-4
This manuscript sums up reflections on contemporary philosophical aesthetics.

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