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Displaying 1 to 311 of 311 Books in England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland - History in order of Publication Year

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1. The Westward Movement of Northern Insular Culture and Christianity in the Middle Ages:  A Critical Review of Archaeological and Literary Sources on the Faroes, Iceland and Norse Greenland in Relation to Churches and Christianity in Norse Greenland
by Ingason, Gunnϸór 
Year: 2016 ISBN10: 1-4955-0428-X ISBN13: 978-1-4955-0428-0
2. The Fast Day Sermons Before the Long Parliament (1640-1660):  Their Role in Shaping Intellectual and Political Life in 17th-Century England
by Dippel, Stewart 
Year: 2015 ISBN10: 0-7734-4249-9 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-4249-8
3. The Secularization of Death in Scotland, 1815-1900:  How the Funeral Industry Displaced the Church as Custodian of the Dead (A Study of Private Cemeteries, Public Crematoria, and Bereavement Practices in Edinburgh)
by Smith, Michael 
Year: 2015 ISBN10: 0-7734-3521-2 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-3521-6
4. The Theomagical Reformation of Thomas Vaughan:  Magic and the Occult in Early Modern British Theology
by Reese, Garth D. 
Year: 2015 ISBN10: 0-7734-4253-7 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-4253-5
5. Trade Union Sponsorship of UK Labour Migration to the United States, 1850s to 1880s
by Murray, Stephen James 
Year: 2015 ISBN10: 1-4955-0363-1 ISBN13: 978-1-4955-0363-4
6. A History of Elections to the House of Lords in the United Kingdom from 1707 to the 2010 General Election
by Phillips, Michael J. 
Year: 2014 ISBN10: 0-7734-4294-4 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-4294-8
7. E. Lawrence Levy and Muscular Judaism, 1851-1932:  Sport, Culture, and Assimilation in 19th-Century Britain (together with “The Autobiography of an Athlete”)
by Fahey, David 
Year: 2014 ISBN10: 1-4955-0267-8 ISBN13: 978-1-4955-0267-5
8. Patricio: a Construcao Da Imagem De Un Santo / How the Historical Patrick Was Transformed into the St. Patrick of Religious Faith
by Vieira Coelho dos Santos, Dominique 
Year: 2013 ISBN10: 0-7734-4552-8 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-4552-9
9. The Irish in San Francisco After the Gold Rush
by Garcia, Miki 
Year: 2013 ISBN10: 0-7734-4332-0 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-4332-7
10. El exilio de Ramón Alesón Alonso de Tejada:  Experiencia liberal de un emigrado en Londres (1823-1826)
by Viguera Ruiz, Rebeca 
Year: 2012 ISBN10: 0-7734-2612-4 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-2612-2
11. George III, National Reform, and North America:  "The True Essential Business of a King"
by Bullion, John J. 
Year: 2012 ISBN10: 0-7734-4079-8 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-4079-1
12. How Canada Is Described in the Writings of Ninteteenth-Century Canadian Women:  The Feminine Experience in the Margins of the British Empire
by Le Jeune, Francoise 
Year: 2012 ISBN10: 0-7734-2904-2 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-2904-8
13. How the Second World War Is Depicted By British Novelists Since 1990:  The Passage of Time Changes Our Portrayal of Traumatic Events
by Perez Rodriguez, Eva M. 
Year: 2012 ISBN10: 0-7734-2615-9 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-2615-3
14. Quakers in Northeast Norfolk, England, 1690-1800
by Stevens, Sylvia 
Year: 2012 ISBN10: 0-7734-2909-3 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-2909-3
15. Riot and Resistance in County Norfolk, 1646-1650:  The Road to Rebellion in Seventeenth-Century Britain
by Hendrix, Scott E. 
Year: 2012 ISBN10: 0-7734-3915-3 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-3915-3
16. Scripture and Royal Supremacy in Tudor England:  The Use of Old Testament and Historical Narrative
by Gazal, Andre A. 
Year: 2012 ISBN10: 0-7734-3074-1 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-3074-7
17. The Clarissa von Ranke Letters and the Ranke-Graves Correspondence 1843-1886
by Boldt, Andreas 
Year: 2012 ISBN10: 0-7734-2617-5 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-2617-7
18. The Development of Primary, Secondary, and Teacher Education in England:  A History of the College of Teachers
by Willis, Richard 
Year: 2012 ISBN10: 0-7734-2659-0 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-2659-7
19. The Impact of the English Colonization of Ireland in the Sixteenth Century:  A Very Troublesome People
by Hendrix, Scott E. 
Year: 2012 ISBN10: 0-7734-2658-2 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-2658-0
20. The Rise of Autobiography in the Eighteenth Century:  Ten Experiments in Literary Genre - Augustine, Bunyan, Rousseau, Locke, Hume, Franklin, Gibbon, Fielding, Sterne, Boswell
by Bell, Robert H. 
Year: 2012 ISBN10: 0-7734-2640-X ISBN13: 978-0-7734-2640-5
21. The Temperance Movement in Aberdeen, Scotland 1830-1845:  ‘Distilled Death and Liquid Damnation’
by Hoffman, Aaron 
Year: 2012 ISBN10: 0-7734-2582-9 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-2582-8
22. Genocide from Antiquity to the Beginning of the Twentieth Century:  History and Comparative Analysis
by Grenke, Arthur 
Year: 2011 ISBN10: 0-7734-3922-6 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-3922-1
23. Mutiny in United States and British Armed forces in the Twentieth Century
by Wolfe, James 
Year: 2011 ISBN10: 0-7734-1447-9 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-1447-1
24. The Alliterative Tradition in Early Middle English Poetry:  Political Complaint and Social Analysis in The Song of The Husbandman and Beyond
by Nagy, Michael S. 
Year: 2011 ISBN10: 0-7734-1503-3 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-1503-4
25. The Milemete Treatise and Companion Secretum Secretorum:  Iconography, Audience, and Patronage in Fourteenth-Century England
by Escobedo, Libby Karlinger 
Year: 2011 ISBN10: 0-7734-1477-0 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-1477-8
26. The Myth of Gentlemen Heroes in the Nineteenth Century  The Duke of Wellington and General Robert E. Lee
by Grammer, Timothy G. 
Year: 2011 ISBN10: 0-7734-1475-4 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-1475-4
27. A Biographical Encyclopedia of Medical Travel Authors:  England and Wales
by Martin, Edward A. 
Year: 2010 ISBN10: 0-7734-3687-1 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-3687-9
28. A Biographical Encyclopedia of Medical Travel Authors:  Scotland
by Martin, Edward A. 
Year: 2010 ISBN10: 0-7734-3691-X ISBN13: 978-0-7734-3691-6
29. A Biographical Encyclopedia of Medical Travel Authors:  Ireland
by Martin, Edward A. 
Year: 2010 ISBN10: 0-7734-3689-8 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-3689-3
30. Bath as Spa and Bath as Slum:  The Social History of a Victorian City
by Davis, Graham 
Year: 2010 ISBN10: 0-7734-3788-6 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-3788-3
31. Chronicles of the Reign of Alfred the Great
 Part I: Introduction and Commentary
The Early Chronicles of England, Volume IV
by Hart, Cyril 
Year: 2010 ISBN10: 0-7734-3729-0 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-3729-6
32. Chronicles of the Reign of Alfred the Great
 Part II: The Texts
The Early Chronicles of England, Volume IV
by Hart, Cyril 
Year: 2010 ISBN10: 0-7734-3731-2 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-3731-9
33. Constructing ‘England’ in the Fourteenth Century :  A Postcolonial Interpretation of Middle English Romance
by Young, Helen Victoria 
Year: 2010 ISBN10: 0-7734-1293-X ISBN13: 978-0-7734-1293-4
34. John Milton’s Incarnational Poetics:  The Roles of Mary and Christ in Paradise Regained
by Carmine Ricciardi, Marcello 
Year: 2010 ISBN10: 0-7734-3656-1 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-3656-5
35. Neville Chamberlain’s Domestic Policies:  Social Reform, Tariffs and Financial Orthodoxy
by James, Micheal F. 
Year: 2010 ISBN10: 0-7734-3642-1 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-3642-8
36. Studies in the Quality of Life and Human Development in Ireland and Britain Since the Sixteenth Century
by Jordan, Thomas E. 
Year: 2010 ISBN10: 0-7734-1371-5 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-1371-9
37. The Egyptian Album of John Elliot Woolford:  Original Watercolors by John Elliot Woolford and with Maps by the 9th Earl of Dalhousie
by Elwood, Marie B. 
Year: 2010 ISBN10: 0-7734-3880-7 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-3880-4
38. The Life of Edward Stanley, Third Earl of Derby (1521-1572):  Noble Power and the Tudor Monarchy
by Zevin, Edward 
Year: 2010 ISBN10: 0-7734-3618-9 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-3618-3
39. The Life of the Fourth Earl of Rochford (1717-1781):  Eighteenth-Century Anglo-Dutch Courtier, Diplomat and Statesman
by Rice, Geoffrey W. 
Year: 2010 ISBN10: 0-7734-1300-6 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-1300-9
40. The Parliamentary Career of Charles de Laet Waldo Sibthorp, 1826-1855:  Ultra-Tory Opposition to Reform in Nineteenth-Century Britain
by Roberts, Stephen and Mark Acton editors 
Year: 2010 ISBN10: 0-7734-1359-6 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-1359-7
41. The Role of Ruling Class Adaptability in the British Transition from Ancien Regime to Modern State  The Open Elite of Britain and Ireland from the Middle Ages to the Second World War
by Wasson, Ellis 
Year: 2010 ISBN10: 0-7734-1464-9 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-1464-8
42. Victorian Ambivalence About Queen Elizabeth I:  The Political History of a Royal Reputation
by Potter, Jr., Clifton W 
Year: 2010 ISBN10: 0-7734-3722-3 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-3722-7
43. A Transcription of the Latin Writings of St. Patrick from Seven Medieval Manuscripts (Dublin, Paris, London, Rouen, Arras, Salisbury)
by Freeman, Philip 
Year: 2009 ISBN10: 0-7734-4760-1 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-4760-8
44. B Films as a Record of British Working-Class Preoccupations in the 1950s:  The Historical Importance of a Genre that Has Disappeared
by Quinn, Paul 
Year: 2009 ISBN10: 0-7734-4788-1 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-4788-2
45. Britain's First TV/Film Crime Series and the Industrialisation of Its Film Industry
by Mann, Dave 
Year: 2009 ISBN10: 0-7734-4763-6 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-4763-9
46. Changes in Educational Policies in Britain, 1800-1920:  How Gender Inequalities Reshaped the Teaching Profession
by Corr, Helen 
Year: 2009 ISBN10: 0-7734-4913-2 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-4913-8
47. Elizabeth I’s Use of Virginity to Enhance Her Sovereignty:  Managing the Image of a Sixteenth-Century Queen
by Kendrick, Susan 
Year: 2009 ISBN10: 0-7734-4705-9 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-4705-9
48. Evaluating the Political Achievement of New Labour Since 1997:  Social Policy and the Public Trust
by Johns, Nick and Adrian Barton 
Year: 2009 ISBN10: 0-7734-4695-8 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-4695-3
49. How Young People in Northern Ireland Understand European Citizenship:  A Sociological Study
by O'Brien, Kevin 
Year: 2009 ISBN10: 0-7734-4768-7 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-4768-4
50. Political Elites in South-West England, 1450-1500:  Politics, Governance, and the Wars of the Roses
by Stansfield, Robert E. 
Year: 2009 ISBN10: 0-7734-4714-8 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-4714-1
51. The Development of the PhD Degree in Britain, 1917-1959 and Since:  An Evolutionary and Statistical History in Higher Education
by Simpson, Renate 
Year: 2009 ISBN10: 0-7734-4827-6 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-4827-8
52. The Mind of the Anglican Clergy:  Assessing Attitudes and Beliefs in the Church of England
by Village, Andrew and Leslie J. Francis 
Year: 2009 ISBN10: 0-7734-4803-9 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-4803-2
53. The Politics of Television Policy:  The Introduction of Digital Television in Great Britain
by Smith, Paul 
Year: 2009 ISBN10: 0-7734-5223-0 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5223-7
54. The Rev. David Jones Llan-gan, 1736-1810, and His Contribution to Welsh Calvinistic Methodism
by Higham, R. Brian 
Year: 2009 ISBN10: 0-7734-4716-4 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-4716-5
55. The Successes and Sacrifices of the British Army in 1914:  Soldiers Marching, All to Die
by Jones, John Philip 
Year: 2009 ISBN10: 0-7734-4741-5 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-4741-7
56. Welsh Noblewomen in the Thirteenth Century:  An Historical Study of Medieval Welsh Law and Gender Roles
by Richards, Gwenyth 
Year: 2009 ISBN10: 0-7734-4672-9 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-4672-4
57. A Summarie of the Chronicles of England, Diligently Collected, Abridged and Continued unto This Present Yeare of Christ, 1604, by John Stow
by Stow, John, Beer, Barrett L.  
Year: 2008 ISBN10: 0-7734-5267-2 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5267-1
58. A Bibliographical Survey of the Published Works of the Eighteenth-Century Wesleys (Samuel the Elder, Samuel the Younger, Mehetabel, John, and Charles)
by Rogal, Samuel J. 
Year: 2008 ISBN10: 0-7734-5219-2 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5219-0
59. Andrew P. Wilson and the Early Irish and Scottish National Theatres, 1911-1950
by Burch, Steven Dedalus 
Year: 2008 ISBN10: 0-7734-5084-X ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5084-4
60. Catholicism and the Clan Macdonell of Glengarry:  Religion and Politics in the Highlands of Scotland, 1650-1750
by Curry, Lisa G. 
Year: 2008 ISBN10: 0-7734-5233-8 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5233-6
61. Common Grazing in the Northern English Uplands, 1800-1965:  A History of National Policy and Local Practice with Special Attention to the Case of Cumbria
by Straughton, Eleanor A. 
Year: 2008 ISBN10: 0-7734-4954-X ISBN13: 978-0-7734-4954-1
62. Cornelia Connelly’s Innovations in Female Education, 1846-1864:  Revolutionizing the School Curriculum for Girls
by McDougall, Roseanne 
Year: 2008 ISBN10: 0-7734-5187-0 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5187-2
63. English People in Scotland:  An Invisible Minority
by McIntosh, Ian, Douglas Robertson and Duncan Sim 
Year: 2008 ISBN10: 0-7734-5039-4 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5039-4
64. Sir Arthur Sullivan’s Grand Opera Ivanhoe and Its Musical Precursors:  Adaptations of Sir Walter Scott’s Novel for the Stage, 1819-1891
by Dailey, Jeff S. 
Year: 2008 ISBN10: 0-7734-5068-8 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5068-4
65. The Secret of Secrets (Secreta Secretorum):  A Modern Translation, with Introduction, of The Governance of Princes
by Kerns, Lin 
Year: 2008 ISBN10: 0-7734-5118-8 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5118-6
66. The Quality of Life in Seventeenth-Century Ireland
by Jordan, Thomas E. 
Year: 2008 ISBN10: 0-7734-4744-X ISBN13: 978-0-7734-4744-8
67. The Reception of Christine de Pizan’s Fais d’Armes in Fifteenth-Century England:  Chivalric Self-Fashioning
by Hoche, Dominique 
Year: 2008 ISBN10: 0-7734-5158-7 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5158-2
68. The Writings of the Radical Welsh Baptist Minister William Richards (1749-1818)
by Oddy, John 
Year: 2008 ISBN10: 0-7734-5037-8 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5037-0
69. Theological Controversies in the Presbyterian Church of New South Wales, 1865-1915:  The Rise of Liberal Evangelicalism
by Barnes, Peter 
Year: 2008 ISBN10: 0-7734-4902-7 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-4902-2
70. Writing and Reform in Sixteenth-Century England:  Interdisciplinary Essays
by Blakeley, John and Mike Pincombe 
Year: 2008 ISBN10: 0-7734-4834-9 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-4834-6
71. A History of Disability in Nineteenth-Century Scotland
by Hutchison, Iain 
Year: 2007 ISBN10: 0-7734-5271-0 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5271-8
72. A Life of Frederick, Prince of Wales, 1707-1751:  A Connoisseur of the Arts
by Vivian, Frances, White, Roger  
Year: 2007 ISBN10: 0-7734-5547-7 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5547-4
73. A Social History of Quakers in Scotland, 1800-2000
by Paul F. Burton 
Year: 2007 ISBN10: 0-7734-5452-7 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5452-1
74. An Historical Ethnography of Rural Perthshire, 1750-1950:  Farm, Family and Neighborhood
by West, Gary 
Year: 2007 ISBN10: 0-7734-5228-1 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5228-2
75. Brian Moore and the Meaning of the Past:  An Irish Novelist Re-Imagines History
by Patrick Hicks 
Year: 2007 ISBN10: 0-7734-5403-9 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5403-3
76. John Ruskin’s Romantic Tours, 1837-1838:  Travelling North
by Hanley, Keith 
Year: 2007 ISBN10: 0-7734-5191-9 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5191-9
77. La France face à la mondialisation / France and the Struggle Against Globalization  Bilingual Essays on the Role of France in the World
by Eamon Maher and Eugene O'Brien 
Year: 2007 ISBN10: 0-7734-5370-9 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5370-8
78. Pioneers in Penology:  The Reformers, the Institutions, and the Societies, 1557-1900 (Two volumes sold only as a set)
by Horton, David M. 
Year: 2007 ISBN10: 0-7734-5392-X ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5392-0
79. Rural Moral Reform in Nineteenth-Century England:  The Crusade against Adolescent Farm Servants and Hiring Fairs
by Moses, Gary 
Year: 2007 ISBN10: 0-7734-5277-X ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5277-0
80. Sir William Petty, 1623 - 1687:  The Genius Entrepreneur of Seventeenth-Century Ireland
by Thomas E. Jordan 
Year: 2007 ISBN10: 0-7734-5368-7 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5368-5
81. Social Dimensions in the Novels of Barbara Pym, 1949-1963:  The Writer as Hidden Observer
by Orna Raz 
Year: 2007 ISBN10: 0-7734-5387-3 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5387-6
82. The Anglo-American Biomedical Antecedents of Nazi Crimes:  An Historical Analysis of Racism, Nationalism, Eugenics and Genocide
by Jeremy Hugh Baron 
Year: 2007 ISBN10: 0-7734-5502-7 ISBN13: 978-07734-5502-3
83. The Catholic Gentry of Yorkshire, 1536-1642:  Resistance and Accomodation
by Bastow, Sarah L. 
Year: 2007 ISBN10: 0-7734-5325-3 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5325-8
84. The Early Education of the Blind in Britain c. 1790 - 1900:  Institutional Experience in England and Scotland
by Oliphant, John 
Year: 2007 ISBN10: 0-7734-5247-8 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5247-3
85. The East India Company and the Provinces in the Eighteenth Century  Volume II: Captains, Agents, and Servants: A Gallery of East India Company Portraits
by Thomas, James H. 
Year: 2007 ISBN10: 0-7734-5270-1 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5270-2
86. The Experience of Irish Migrants to Glasgow, Scotland, 1863-1891:  A New Way of Being Irish
by Terence McBride 
Year: 2007 ISBN10: 0-7734-5515-9 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5515-3
87. The Form and Function of Ritual Dialogue in the Marriage Traditions of Celtic-Language Cultures
by Martin, Neill 
Year: 2007 ISBN10: 0-7734-5328-8 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5328-9
88. The Growth of "New London" in Suburban Middlesex (1918-1945) and the Response of the Church of England
by Rex Walford 
Year: 2007 ISBN10: 0-7734-5352-0 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5352-4
89. The Idler and the Dandy in Stage Comedy, 500 B.C. - 1830:  A History of a Dramatic Character Type
by Chris Ritchie 
Year: 2007 ISBN10: 0-7734-5439-X ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5439-2
90. The Mine Management Professions in the Twentieth-century Scottish Coal Mining Industry
by Andrew Perchard 
Year: 2007 ISBN10: 0-7734-5454-3 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5454-5
91. The New Shape of University Education in England:  Interdisciplinary Essays
by Gokulsing, K. Moti  
Year: 2007 ISBN10: 0-7734-5268-8 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5268-8
92. The Norwegian Scots:  An Anthropological Interpretation of Viking-Scottish Identity in the Orkney Islands
by Michael A. Lange 
Year: 2007 ISBN10: 0-7734-5362-8 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5362-3
93. The Role of Ireland in the Life of Leopold Von Ranke (1795-1886):  The Historian and Historical Truth
by Andreas D. Boldt 
Year: 2007 ISBN10: 0-7734-5326-1 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5326-5
94. The Use Classical Art and Literature by Victorian Painters, 1860-1912:  Creating Continuity with the Traditions of High Art
by Rosemary Julia Barrow 
Year: 2007 ISBN10: 0-7734-5443-8 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5443-9
95. Working-Class Gambling in Britain c. 1906-1960s:  The Stages of the Political Debate
by Keith Laybourn 
Year: 2007 ISBN10: 0-7734-5374-1 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5374-6
96. The Wit's Magazine , or Library of Momus (London: Harrison & Co., 1784-85):  An Annotated Catalogue of the Essays, Tales and Poems with Notes on Authors and Sources
by Pitcher, Edward W.R. 
Year: 2006 ISBN10: 0-7734-5599-X ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5599-3
97. A History of Bridewell Prison, 1553-1700
by Hinkle, William G. 
Year: 2006 ISBN10: 0-7734-5786-0 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5786-7
98. A Life of John Julius Angerstein, 1735-1823:  Widening Circles in Finance, Philanthropy and the Arts in 18th-Century London
by Twist, Anthony 
Year: 2006 ISBN10: 0-7734-5583-3 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5583-2
99. A Record of Samuel Pepys’ Financial Accounts, 1660-1669
by Rogal, Samuel J. 
Year: 2006 ISBN10: 0-7734-5486-1 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5486-6
100. An Ethnography of Crystal and Spiritual Healers in Northern England:  Marginal Medicine and Mainstream Concerns
by McClean, Stuart 
Year: 2006 ISBN10: 0-7734-5667-8 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5667-9
101. Augustus Welby Pugin, Designer of the British Houses of Parliament:  The Victorian Quest for a Liturgical Architecture
by Powell, Christabel 
Year: 2006 ISBN10: 0-7734-5769-0 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5769-0
102. Bilingual Education in Pre-Independent Irish-Speaking Ireland, 1800-1922:  A History
by O'Donoghue, Tom 
Year: 2006 ISBN10: 0-7734-5636-8 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5636-5
103. Byrhtferth's East Anglian Chronicle:  An Edition and Translation of the Old English and Latin Annals (The Early Chronicles of England, Volume III)
by Hart, Cyril 
Year: 2006 ISBN10: 0-7734-5545-0 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5545-0
104. Byrhtferth’s Northumbrian Chronicle:  An Edition and Translation of the Old English and Latin Annals (The Early Chronicles of England, Volume II)
by Hart, Cyril 
Year: 2006 ISBN10: 0-7734-5751-8 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5751-5
105. Character Development in Edmund Spenser's The Faerie Queene
by Chishty-Mujahid, Nadya Q. 
Year: 2006 ISBN10: 0-7734-5679-1 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5679-2
106. Chronicles of the Reign of Æthelred the Unready:  An Edition and Translation of the Old English and Latin Annals (The Early Chronicles of England, Volume I)
by Hart, Cyril 
Year: 2006 ISBN10: 0-7734-5750-X ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5750-8
107. Criminal Investigation and Pre-Trial Disclosure in the United Kingdom:  How Detectives Put Together a Case
by Taylor, Christopher W. 
Year: 2006 ISBN10: 0-7734-5566-3 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5566-5
108. Four Levels of Meaning in the York Cycle of Mystery Plays:  A Study in Medieval Allegory
by Taylor, Jefferey H. 
Year: 2006 ISBN10: 0-7734-5578-7 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5578-8
109. Gerard Boate's Natural History of Ireland
by Jordan, Thomas E., editor 
Year: 2006 ISBN10: 0-7734-5919-7 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5919-9
110. How the British National Health Service Deals with Ethnic Diversity:  Professional Problems, Patient Problems
by Johns, Nick 
Year: 2006 ISBN10: 0-7734-5733-X ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5733-1
111. Medieval Mystery Plays as Popular Culture:  Performing the Lives of Saints
by Murphy, Diane 
Year: 2006 ISBN10: 0-7734-5624-4 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5624-2
112. Methodism Through Victorian Eyes Volume 1:  Leslie Stephen, W.E.H. Lecky, and Woodrow Wilson
by Rogal, Samuel J. 
Year: 2006 ISBN10: 0-7734-5957-X ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5957-1
113. Methodism Through Victorian Eyes Volume 2:  Leslie Stephen, W.E.H. Lecky, and Woodrow Wilson
by Rogal, Samuel J. 
Year: 2006 ISBN10: 0-7734-5959-6 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5959-5
114. Politics and Tropes in Renaissance History Plays:  Understanding a Neglected Genre
by Wong, Mitali P. 
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