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Displaying 1 to 10 of 64 Books in Problems In Contemporary Philosophy in order of Series Number
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1. On Understanding Works of Art  An Essay in Philosophical Aesthetics
by von Morstein, Petra
Year: 1986 Series Number: 1 ISBN: 0-88946-326-3
2. Philosophy and Miracle  The Contemporary Debate
by Basinger, David and Randall Basinger
Year: 1986 Series Number: 2 ISBN: 0-88946-327-1
3. Selfhood As Thinking Thought in the Work of Gabriel Marcel
by Peccorini Letona, Francisco
Year: 1987 Series Number: 3 ISBN: 0-88946-329-8
4. The Logic of U.s. Nuclear Weapons Policy  A Philosophical Analysis
by Fowler, Corbin
Year: 1987 Series Number: 4 ISBN: 0-88946-330-1
5. A Process Theory of Medicine  Interdisciplinary Essays
by Ford, Marcus P.
Year: 1987 Series Number: 5 ISBN: 0-88946-328-X
6. The Idea of the Museum  Philosophical, Artistic, and Political Questions
by Aagaard-Mogensen, Lars, editor
Year: 1989 Series Number: 6 ISBN: 0-88946-334-4
7. The Sane Society in Modern Utopianism  A Study in Ideology
by Walters, Kerry S.
Year: 1989 Series Number: 7 ISBN: 0-88946-331-X
8. Foundations for a Phenomenological Theology
by Laycock, Steven W.
Year: 1988 Series Number: 8 ISBN: 0-88946-335-2
9. Existence of God  Essays from the Basic Issues Forum
by Jacobson, John R. and Robert Lloyd Mitchell, editors
Year: 1989 Series Number: 9 ISBN: 0-88946-339-5
10. The Empirical Intelligence - The Human Empirical Mode  Philosophy As Originating in Experience
by Connell, Richard J.
Year: 1988 Series Number: 10 ISBN: 0-88946-337-9
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