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Displaying 1 to 8 of 8 Books in Studies in Twentieth-Century American History in order of Series Number

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1. The Diggs-Caminetti Case 1913-1917  For Any Other Immoral Purpose, Volume 2
by Anderson, Robert Lee
Year: 1990 Series Number: 1 ISBN: 0-88946-320-4
2. A Rhetorical Study of the Speaking of Calvin Coolidge  Cal's Rhetoric
by Fleser, Arthur
Year: 1990 Series Number: 2 ISBN: 0-88946-321-2
3. Black Migration in America from 1915 to 1960  An Uneasy Exodus
by Goodwin, E. Marvin
Year: 1990 Series Number: 3 ISBN: 0-88946-691-2
4. A Biography of George F. Kennan from 1925 to 1975  The Education of a Realist
by Polley, Michael
Year: 1990 Series Number: 4 ISBN: 0-88946-693-9
5. The Peekskill, New York, Anti-Communist Riots of 1949
by Walwik, Joseph
Year: 2002 Series Number: 6 ISBN: 0-7734-7176-6
6. Controlling Information in U.S. Occupied Germany, 1945-1949  Media Manipulation and Propaganda
by Hartenian, Larry
Year: 2003 Series Number: 8 ISBN: 0-7734-6775-0
7. John F. Kennedy and the Artful Collaboration of Film and Politics
by Geraci, Melissa Wye
Year: 2003 Series Number: 9 ISBN: 0-7734-6629-0
8. The Fifty-Year Role of the United States Air Force in Advancing Information Technology – A History of the Rome, New York Ground Electronics Laboratory
by Thompson, Thomas W.
Year: 2003 Series Number: 10 ISBN: 0-7734-6538-3
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