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Can America Maintain Its Political, Military, and Economic Preeminence?: Sixteen Key Challenges
Edited by Shienbaum, Kim Ezra


This work analyzes America's multiple twenty-first century military challenges. It offers detailed analysis of geo-strategic, geo-political, military and economic risks from a variety of contributors. The book examines whether America’s role will be considerably diminished, requiring a fundamental re-evaluation of its terms of engagement with both allies as well as adversaries.


“…a rare book…gives the reader a sense of the entire threat-environment and the inter-connectedness of its dimensions.”-Prof. Christian Potholm, Bowdoin College

“…an important and thought-provoking (review) of many of the most critical dangers that American policymakers will have to confront…”-Prof. James A. Dunn, Jr. Rutgers University

“…timely and comprehensive approach to understanding the most pressing threats of the 21st century and the difficult policy decisions needed to counter them…”-Prof. Richard Saccone, Saint Vincent College

Table of Contents

Foreword by Christian Potholm
Assessing the Risk Environment of the 21st Century
Geo-Political and Ideological Challenges
Chapter 1
National Security and the Post “New World Order,”
Kim Ezra Shienbaum
Chapter 2
The Promise and Failure of American Grand Strategy
Chapter 3
Assessing China’s Economic Rise: Strengths, Weaknesses
and Implications, Albert Keidel
Chapter 4
U.S.-Russia Relations: Troubled Times Ahead,
Ariel Cohen and Richard E. Ericson
Chapter 5
National Security and Iran’s Nuclear Threat,
Shaheen Ayubi
Chapter 6
National Security and North Korea’s Nuclear Threat,
How to Deal With a Dictator
Robert Joseph
Chapter 7
U.S. Policy Towards Afghanistan and Pakistan, Isaac Kfir
Chapter 8
More than al Qaeda and its Affiliates: The Popular
Appeal of the Terrorist Threat to the National
Security of the United States, Gordon L. Bowen
Chapter 9
A Comparison of Insider and Outsider Perceptions
of Sleeper Cells Terrorists, Daniel Kennedy,
Robert Homant, Erick Barnes and Megan Howell
Chapter 10
Anatomy of the Long War’s Failings, Frank G. Hoffman
Chapter 11
National Security and the Nuclear Weapons Debate,
Adam Lowther
Chapter 12
Defense Strategies Meet Twenty First Century
Realities, Kim Ezra Shienbaum
Chapter 13
United States and Unconventional Warfare,
Theodore A Cisowski
Chapter 14
Globalization in Retreat: Further Geo-Political
Consequences of the Financial Crisis, Roger C. Altman
of America’s Decline, Josef Joffe
A Prince and His Kingdom
Chapter 15
The National Security Consequences of Oil Dependency,
Ariel Cohen
Chapter 16
National Security and Sovereign Wealth Funds,
Kim Ezra Shienbaum
Alarming Asymmetries: Redefining America’s Future
Place in the World, Kim Ezra Shienbaum

ISBN10:  0-7734-1511-4   ISBN13:  978-0-7734-1511-9    Pages:  536    Year:  2011   

Series: hors série Number: 0

Subject Areas:  Political Science, Political Science - International Relations,

Imprint: Edwin Mellen Press

USA List Price: $169.95 UK List Price: £109.95  

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