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Comparing How Various Nations Administer Retirement Income: Essays on Social Security
Hyde, Mark , & Dixon, John

eBook Available: Comparing How Various Nations Administer Retirement Income


This book makes an innovative contribution to the field of retirement income security in three distinctive ways. First, it seeks to develop a sophisticated philosophical rationale for the social dimension, in the context of retirement. Such a rationale is frequently implicit in much of the relevant literature, and where explicit, is often crudely developed. Second, it seeks to identify robustly the ways in which specific forms of privatisation promote outcomes that are consistent with the social dimension, whilst acknowledging the possibility of market failure. Third, it seeks to provide an agenda for reform, based on robustly developed normative arguments, and a careful appraisal of the evidence.


“. . . a sober, thoughtful, non-ideological, examination of pension systems is essential, and Hyde and Dixon are making a useful contribution.” – Prof. Max J. Skidmore, University of Missouri at Kansas City

“As the debate on (non-public) pensions (in particular) is often dominated by economists, a book tackling the issue by drawing upon insights from a range of scholarly disciplines, with an international focus, is certainly overdue.” – Prof. Ingo Bode, University of Kassel

“. . . makes a substantial contribution to the scholarly literature regarding the moral foundations of retirement systems.” – Prof. Glenn Drover, Dalhousie University

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations
Foreword Max J. Skidmore
The Social Dimension and Social Security: A Developing Agenda – Mark Hyde and John Dixon
Normative foundations: state, market and associations
The social dimension and extant private pension arrangements
Meeting the challenge of the social dimension: the reform of private pensions
Retirement Provision in the United States: From Welfare Pluralism to Welfare Consumerism – James Midgley
The emergence and consolidation of the multi- pillared system
Statutory provision and Social Security
The institutionalisation of welfare pluralism
Reshaping the pluralistic retirement system
The goal of Social Security privatisation
The transformation of occupational pensions
Retirement provision and welfare consumerism
The Moral Case for Social Security Privatisation in the United States – Daniel Shapiro
and fairness Economic security
Public justification
United States Pension Funds’ Labour Friendly Investments – Tessa Hebb and Larry Beeferman
Long-term view of value
Labour-friendly policies
Targeted investment policies
Labour-friendly private equity
Labour-friendly fixed income and real estate
AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust
Multi-Employer Property Trust
The Intergenerational Covenant: Rights and Responsibilities – Amitai Etzioni and Laura Brodbeck
The intergenerational covenant
Mandated Private Pensions: The Alternative – Mark Hyde and John Dixon
Stay public?
Go private?
“Divine” Benefits: The Role of Employers in Meeting Future Retirees’ Needs – Kirk Mann Introduction
The great welfare success of the twentieth century?
A brief historical overview
The limitations of and some objections to occupational Pensions
Benefits to employers?
Solidarity Revisited: Collective Agreements on Pensions in Denmark, France, the Netherlands and Germany – Christine Trampusch
Solidarity revisited
Population coverage and level
Legal obligations and extension procedures
Level of benefits
Financial mechanism
Collective agreements on pensions in Denmark, France, Germany, and the Netherlands
Risk and Trust in the Context of the United Kingdom Private Pension Arrangements – Patrick John Ring
Risk and trust
Agency and structure, trustworthiness and confidence
Pensions and trust
Trust and a leap of uncertainty: problems of trust
Impersonal trust
Interpersonal trust
Retirement Provision and Social Inequality: The Swiss Three-Pillar Approach – Christian Suter
Basic principles
Pillar 1
Pillar 2
Pillar 3
Effectiveness and impact
Public retirement income
Private retirement income
Pension Market Failure in Chile: Foundations, Analysis and Policy Reforms – Silvia Borzutzky
Normative premises of privatisation: the influence of Friedman and Hayek
The private pension system: 1981 to 2006
Democratic Chile: reaffirming the role of the market
The current reform agenda
From Redistribution to Regulation: Regulating Private Old-Age Pensions as a New Challenge in Ageing Societies – Lutz Leisering
Privatisation as a response to demographic ageing?
Regulating private pensions: a growing task for governments
Socially oriented versus functional (economically oriented) Regulation
Coordinated (integrated) versus uncoordinated (disjointed) Regulation
National regulatory regimes: towards a comparative analysis of regulation in old-age security
Regulatory regimes: three theoretical approaches The functionalist approach
The institutionalist approach
The conflict-theoretical approach
Types of national regulatory regimes
Towards a regulatory welfare state?
Appendix: Industrial Agreements in Western Europe

ISBN10:  0-7734-3727-4   ISBN13:  978-0-7734-3727-2    Pages:  316    Year:  2010   

Series: hors série Number: 0

Subject Areas:  Gerontology, Political Science,

Imprint: Edwin Mellen Press

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