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The Development of Children’s Rights in Africa and Europe: Comparing Legislation in Ghana and Northern Ireland
Manful, Esmeranda

eBook Available: The Development of Children’s Rights in Africa and Europe:


This book is the first to compare the primary child care legislation of a developed and a developing jurisdiction influenced by English juristic ideas. In addition, the empirical findings are indicative that there is more than one specific conceptualisation of children’s rights; to ensure provision, protection and/or participation rights of the child. It also revealed that the type of rights being advanced and implemented is the interest rights of the child.


“In reading this book you will find a fascinating story of the challenges and successes of professionals working in this field. Dr Manful provides us with detailed insights of how professionals are trying to work to advance children’s rights in their everyday interactions with children and families. The lessons that can be taken from this remain important, not only for those working in Northern Ireland and Ghana, but also other countries trying to make the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child an effective framework for improving the welfare and rights of children.” – Prof. Alan France, Loughborough University

“. . . a significant empirical socio-legal contribution to the fields of children’s rights and comparative social policy.” – Dr. John Pinkerton, Queens University Belfast

ISBN10:  0-7734-3746-0   ISBN13:  978-0-7734-3746-3    Pages:  380    Year:  2010   

Series: hors série Number: 0

Subject Areas:  African Studies, British Studies, Family Studies, Law & Legal Studies, Political Science,

Imprint: Edwin Mellen Press

USA List Price: $149.95 UK List Price: £ 99.95  

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