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Lo positivo / The Right Track: A Play by Manuel Tamayo y Baus
Translated by


Tamayo y Baus’ (1829-1898) The Right Track (1862) is a product of the swirling social context of nineteenth-century Spain. This comedy is typical of the alta comedia [high comedy]: it is a didactic work that hopes to offer the bourgeois a model of virtue. As a genre, the high comedy supplanted the symbolism and declamation of romantic drama with a “realistic” portrayal of the moral dilemmas faced by the growing middle class. The climax and resolution of The Right Track unequivocally support the return advocated by Tamayo to virtue and to what he understood to be traditional Spanish values.


“The recovery of works previously unavailable in English or in modern editions is an essential foundation for the continuation of critical conversations about the past. Though often undervalued, it is through translation and annotation that works of literature gain a wider audience and promote deeper, more thoughtful explorations of its meanings by inviting new critics/readers to the conversation.” – Prof. Christopher Conway, University of Texas-Arlington

Table of Contents

Preface by Salvador Garcia Castafleda
Act I
Act II

ISBN10:  0-7734-4704-0   ISBN13:  978-0-7734-4704-2    Pages:  184    Year:  2009   

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Subject Areas:  Hispanic/Spanish - Literature, Hispanic/Spanish - Translations, Literature & Art - Hispanic, Theater-All,

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