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The Lost Notebooks of Robert Burkitt, Maya Linguist: A Record of Languages of Ancient Guatemala
Edited by Weeks, John M. , & Danien, Elin C.


This work makes accessible rare, collected linguistic data from the late-nineteenth- and early-twentieth centuries. The study presents the earliest reliable records of a number of Mayan languages, as opposed to previous materials written primarily by colonial sources.


“Truly, with this publication an early Maya linguistic star is brought to light!” – Prof. Robert M. Carmack, State University of New York at Albany

“. . . these notebooks are a monument to an intellect rarely matched, to an inquiring mind of an unusual sort, to a person who was able to operate essentially autonomously in a field work context that was hardly conducive to intellectual pursuits.” – Dr. Nicholas A. Hopkins

“. . . for several of these languages, although published materials exist from the end of the twentieth century, there is little or no data available on them from Burkitt’s time.” – Prof. Martha J. Macri, University of California, Davis

Table of Contents

Foreword by Robert M. Carmack and Nicholas A. Hopkins
1. Ixil
2. Mopán
3. Q’eqchi’
4. Tojolab’al
5. Tzotzil
6. Yukatek
Appendix: Burkitt’s Comparative Word List

ISBN10:  0-7734-5055-6   ISBN13:  978-0-7734-5055-4    Pages:  680    Year:  2008   

Series: hors série Number: 0

Subject Areas:  Archeology - Anthropology, Latin America, Iberia, Caribbean - History, Linguistics, Linguistics - Anthropology,

Imprint: Edwin Mellen Press

USA List Price: $179.95 UK List Price: £114.95  

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