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Selections from the Papers and Speeches of Warren G. Harding 1918-1923: The Twenty-Ninth President of the United States of America
Compiled and Edited by Schlup, Leonard , & Hepp IV, John H.


This collection of documents, both personal and political, is an invaluable tool for better understanding and appreciating a president often condemned by historians as a poor leader and administrator.


“. . . Professors Schlup and Hepp demonstrate Harding’s presidency is worthy of a more balanced analysis. . . .This collection will provide the means to explore the Harding Presidency for years to come.” – Donald K. Pickens, Professor Emeritus of History, University of North Texas

“These writings present a man who is often overlooked by those preferring to dwell on his weaknesses. I think this book offers readers a much different perspective on an often misunderstood president.” – Gale E. Martin, Marion County Historical Society

“The editors. . . give us a concise and rich context before each letter, a kind of guide through the jungles of information. Although some of Harding’s letters were only a few sentences . . . the editors include how important each of them is to the political scheme.” – Bryan A. Craig, M.A., M.L.S., Interpreter, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library

Table of Contents


ISBN10:  0-7734-5107-2   ISBN13:  978-0-7734-5107-0    Pages:  488    Year:  2008   

Series: hors série Number: 0

Subject Area: American - History 

Imprint: Edwin Mellen Press

USA List Price: $159.95 UK List Price: £104.95  

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