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The East India Company and the Provinces in the Eighteenth Century Volume II: Captains, Agents, and Servants: A Gallery of East India Company Portraits
Thomas, James H.


This volume is the first attempt to examine the East India Company’s activities and importance at a provincial level in the eighteenth century through the lives and experiences of those who were employed by this powerful and multi-faceted business concern. Drawing on manuscript from 27 different archive repositories and an array of printed primary and secondary sources, it sets out to fill a major gap in the knowledge of the East India Company and its multifarious activities. This book contains 3 color photographs.


“In [this volume] Dr. Thomas focuses more firmly on particular localities in Kent, Cornwall, Wiltshire, Suffolk and, more particularly, Hampshire. Using multi-record linkage and from material in local records offices, Dr. Thomas has reconstituted the lives of East India Company captains and agents to reveal a more complex story than the traditional one of easy success and prosperity. ... It is only quite recently ... that local/provincial history and maritime/naval history have begun to lose their Cinderalla-like status. ... Comparative studies of other national British trading companies can only add to our knowledge of eighteenth-century economic, social and political life.” - Patricia Crimmin, Senior Lecturer in History, Royal Holloway and Bedford College, University of London

“James Thomas has succeeded in his mission to marry together the East India Company and eighteenth-century British society, shifting the gaze of the historian away from London. This study will change a long-held historical emphasis and as a result, this book when published, will be valued by scholars in several fields and local historians in many areas.” - Dr. Roger Knight, Professor of Naval History, Greenwich Maritime Institute, University of Greenwich

Table of Contents

Table of Abbreviations
Glossary of Terms
List of Tables
List of Charts and Illustrations
A Note on Citation, Spelling and Dates
A Note on Money and Weights
Commendatory Foreword by Patricia Crimmin
1 Voyaging through Strange Seas: Some Eighteenth-Century East India Company Captains Examined
2 The Company, Commanders and Connections: The Experience of the Wordsworth Family
3 From East India Company Captain to Provincial Wine Merchant: The Curious Voyage of John Wyche (1729-1805)
4 East India Company Agency Work in the British Isles in the Eighteenth Century
5 Provincial Agency Work and the East India Company in the Eighteenth Century: The Evidence from Kent
6 East India Company Agents in Falmouth 1760-1815
7 Provincial Shipbuilding and the East India Company in the Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries: The Contribution of Stockton-on-Tees, Itchenor and Ipswich
8 Commodities, Consumption and Contact: Occidental and Oriental Encounters 1700-1820
9 The Provinces, ‘Servants’ and the East India Company: The Experience of Eighteenth-Century Hampshire
A East India Company Captains, 1828
B Company Agents and Shipping Interests in Kent
C The East Indiaman Orwell
D The East India Company and Education
Index of Persons
Index of Ships’ Names

ISBN10:  0-7734-5270-1   ISBN13:  978-0-7734-5270-2    Pages:  516    Year:  2007   

Series: hors série Number: 0

Subject Area: England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland - History 

Imprint: Edwin Mellen Press

USA List Price: $169.95 UK List Price: £109.95  

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