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A Translation of Weininger’s über die Letzten Dinge (1904/07)/ on Last Things
Weininger, Otto ,  Translated and introduced by Steven Burns Burns

Table of Contents

Table of contents: Preface by Allan Janik; Introduction by Steven Burns Selected Bibliography 1. Peer Gynt and Ibsen (Remarks on the erotic, hate and love, crime, and the ideas of father and son) 2. Aphoristic Remainders (The psychology of sadism and masochism, of murder, remarks about ethics, original sin, etc. ) 3. Characterology (Seekers and Priests: Schiller, and Fragments about Wagner and Parsifal) 4. The Unidirectionality of time and its ethical significance, with speculation about time, space, and the will) 5. Metaphysics (the idea of a universal symbolism, animal psychology, psychology of the criminal, etc) 6. Culture and its relations to believing, fearing and knowing 7. Final Aphorisms Appendix: letters to friends

ISBN10:  0-7734-7400-5   ISBN13:  978-0-7734-7400-0    Pages:  204    Year:  2001   

Series: Studies in German Language and Literature Number: 28

Subject Area: German - Literature 

Imprint: Edwin Mellen Press

USA List Price: $139.95 UK List Price: £ 94.95  

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