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Selected Writings of Hans Denck, 1500-1527
Denck, Hans ,  E. J. Furcha , translator


Provides in modern English the bulk of the literary output of Hans Denck (ca. 1500-1527), one of the "lesser reformers" and a pathbreaker of "undogmatic Christianity" whose Christian humanist notions attracted many of his contemporaries. Denck's eirenical spirit and his profound spirituality are fully reflected in these translations, which are provided with scripture and general indexes.


"E. J. Furcha, qui avait déjà édité les 280 Paradoxes de cet autre spiritualiste qu'était Sébastien Franck, propose ici une sélection d'écrits de son ami Denck . . . . Cette sélection permet de suivre son passage de l'anababtistisme à un spiritualisme dans le cadre duquel la loi divine, reçue au coeur de l'homme, pousse celui-ci à une sorte de déification par l'amour." _ Études Theologiques et Religieuses

". . . Furcha provides students of the Reformation with a valuable collection of texts from one of the most fascinating radicals of the early 16th century. . . . A comprehensive index of concepts, persons and places as well as a full Scripture index makes the translation particularly valuable." _ Studies in Religion

ISBN10:  0-88946-833-8   ISBN13:  978-0-88946-833-7    Pages:  563    Year:  1989   

Series: Texts and Studies in Religion Number: 44

Subject Areas:  German - Translations, Patristics, Early Christianity, Ancient Near Eastern Studies - Religion,

Imprint: Edwin Mellen Press

USA List Price: $169.95 UK List Price: £109.95  

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