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A Southern Tradition in Theology and Social Criticism, 1830-1930 The Religious Liberalism and Social Conservatism of James Warley Miles, William Porcher Dubose, and Edgar Gardner Murphy
Luker, Ralph


A study of three ordained Episcopal clergymen from the South who, as theological "liberals," represented trends and emphases that were a part of the theological and intellectual climate of their time. ". . . a significant contribution to the intellectual history of the south." - Journal of the American Academy of Religion


"This solid study is really three intellectual biographies. . . . [For] persons interested in the history of theology, the social gospel, and a differing perspective on religion, this volume offers much." - Church History "Luker's account of the lives and thought of these three influential southern Episcopalians is superbly researched and deftly told. . . . Luker is especially skilled as an intellectual historian. . . . It has become increasingly clear in recent years that nineteenth-century southern religion was more than an ongoing camp meeting." - American Historical Review

"Historians have recently brought to light a learned theological tradition in southern history, a discovery that is reshaping our image of an evangelical and fundamentalist South. In this able study of the religious and social views of three southern Episcopalian clergymen, Ralph Luker significantly enriches our understanding of this intellectual tradition." - Journal of Southern History

"Luker has rendered careful intellectual and biographical portraits, a `triptych,' of three southern theologians. . . . a useful and original book, pleasantly written, which rather cunningly splices together the three lives." - Georgia Historical Quarterly

"As a theological study, it is a valuable summary of nineteenth-century liberal Protestant thought as interpreted by three southern Episcopal ministers." - North Carolina Historical Review

ISBN10:  0-88946-655-6   ISBN13:  978-0-88946-655-5    Pages:  463    Year:  1984   

Series: Studies in American Religion Number: 11

Subject Area: Studies In American Religion - Religion 

Imprint: Edwin Mellen Press

USA List Price: $159.95 UK List Price: £104.95  

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