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Displaying 21 to 30 of 41 Books in Studies in French Civilization in order of Series Number
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21. Pierre Descaves, temoin et pionnier de la radio  Vol. 2
by Todd, Christopher
Year: 2000 Series Number: 19 ISBN: 0-7734-7736-5
22. Remembering and Representing the Experience of War in Twentieth-Century France  Committing to Memory
by Kelly, Debra, editor
Year: 2000 Series Number: 20 ISBN: 0-7734-7458-7
23. Essays on the Poetic and Legal Writings of Philippe de Remy and His Son Philippe de Beaumanoir of Thirteenth-Century France
by Heller, Sarah-Grace and Michelle Reichert, editors
Year: 2001 Series Number: 21 ISBN: 0-7734-7383-1
24. Political and Economic Thought and Practice in Nineteenth-Century France and the Colonization of Algeria
by Adamson, Kay
Year: 2002 Series Number: 22 ISBN: 0-7734-7296-7
25. The Life and Work of Adèle D’osmond, Comtesse De Boigne (1781-1866)
by Vanderboegh, David S.
Year: 2002 Series Number: 23 ISBN: 0-7734-7251-7
26. A Translation of Notre Avant-Guerre / Before the War by Robert Brasillach
by Brasillach, Robert Translated and Edited from the French Original by Peter Tame
Year: 2002 Series Number: 24 ISBN: 0-7734-7158-8
27. The Napoleonic Press – The Public Sphere and Oppositionary Journalism
by Trinkle, Dennis A.
Year: 2002 Series Number: 25 ISBN: 0-7734-7127-8
28. A Translation of André-Michel Guerry’s Essay on the Moral Statistics of France (1833)  A Sociological Report to the French Academy of Science
by Guerry, André-Michel Edited and Translated by Hugh P. Whitt and Victor W. Reinking
Year: 2002 Series Number: 26 ISBN: 0-7734-7045-X
29. Literary Narratives on the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century French Elite Educational System  Rituals and Total Institutions
by Van de Poel-Knottnerus, Frédérique, and Knottnerus, J. David
Year: 2002 Series Number: 27 ISBN: 0-7734-7033-6
30. Visual Meaning in the Bayeux Tapestry  Problems and Solutions in Picturing History
by J. Bard McNulty
Year: 2003 Series Number: 28 ISBN: 0-7734-6618-5
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